Our Mission

Our mission is to participate in the life-giving, world-sustaining love of God in order that ALL creation might flourish as God intends.  We do this by engaging in reconciliation, valuing one another’s insights, advocating for the disenfranchised, maintaining an open table, sharing compassion with those we encounter daily and with sisters and brothers around the globe, eating together, and—above all—by receiving God’s grace.  As Disciples and as part of the universal church, we are called "to love the Lord our God" and to "love our neighbors as ourselves" (Matthew 22:37-39).  We learn such a love from Love Incarnate (Jesus), God’s very self made manifest in acts of healing, peacemaking, hospitality, mutuality, and love.  At this crossroads between the life of Jesus and the life of humankind, we encounter and truly become the Body of Christ for the world, made ready through resurrection to carry God’s redemptive, restorative love into dark and broken spaces.

“The world is a Eucharistic reality, brimming with splendor and glory. The church’s vocation is to participate in announcing the truth—everything belongs. Perhaps we could say that everyone and everything, every person and community, every beast and seedling, is invited into the membership.”
— Winn Collier in Sara Miles' book, "Take this Bread"

our beliefs

Faith in Christ: We believe Jesus Christ is the son of the Living God and offers saving grace to all.

The Lord's Supper: The table is open to all who believe in Christ.  We celebrate Communion weekly and understand the bread and cup to be a visceral means of connection with God's love, forgiveness, mercy, and grace.

Baptism: While we practice baptism by immersion, we recognize that all baptisms--in whatever form--unite us to Christ and to each other as a community in life and death, faith and service.

Scripture: We acknowledge the authority and centrality of Scripture in worship, study, and service.

Ministry of All Believers: We believe God has equipped both ministers and lay persons to do the work of the Church within and beyond the Church walls.

Congregational Government: Members of the congregation work together on a journey of faith to discern where the Holy Spirit is leading the congregation.

Service: As Disciples of Christ we seek to provide spiritual and practical assistance to those in need within our congregation, community, and world.

Diversity of Opinion: We are a caring community of Christians who value and protect one another's beliefs as we walk our faith journeys.  We represent diverse ages and a variety of theological, economic, political, social, and educational backgrounds.  Through Jesus Christ we find unity in the midst of diversity.

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So we, who are many, are one body in Christ, and individually we are members one of another.”
— Romans 12:5

Disciples of christ

  • Our Identity: We are Disciples of Christ, a movement for wholeness in a fragmented world. As part of the one body of Christ we welcome all to the Lord’s Table as God has welcomed us.

  • Our Vision: To be a faithful, growing church that demonstrates true community, deep Christian spirituality, and a passion for justice. – Micah 6:8

  • Our Mission: To be and to share the Good News of Jesus Christ, witnessing, loving, and serving from our doorsteps “to the ends of the earth." – Acts 1:8

  • Our Confession: As members of the Christian Church, we confess that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God, and proclaim him Lord and Savior of the world. – The Preamble to The Design of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

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