8 Ways You Can Stay Active in Your Faith This Summer

Summer Faith.png

Summertime!  With backyard barbeques, pick-up ultimate frisbee games in the park, and out-of-town adventures, it’s a season of increased activity.  This summer when we’re making our lists of ways to stay active, let’s add “Be active in my faith” to the list.

Here’s my list of “8 Ways You Can Stay Active in Your Faith This Summer

1)   Make a meal with someone– As the daily exhibition of the nearness of God’s love, food has the power to sustain our bodies, our friendships, and our faith.  Share a pitcher of iced tea with a friend on the deck and see how God refreshes your life through that relationship.

2)   Explore– …your neighborhood, a trail, a park, a stream, a new town.  Exploration is wonder in action, and your curiosities about what awaits you in God’s creation can excite you in your faith and gratitude for the Creator.

3)   Stargaze– Summer is a great time to grab a blanket, head out of town, and find a field where you can take in the stars.  It doesn’t take long to get in touch with the mystery and grandeur of God when looking up at thousands of stars.

4)   Read– When you’re transformed by the renewing of your mind, you’re better equipped to discern God’s will.  What better way to renew your mind than by picking up a new book about the life of faith this summer?

5)   Plant something– All life comes from soil, the site of God’s creative activity.  Want to grow closer to God this summer?  Plant something and tend to the plant’s needs, and you’ll definitely learn something about life, death, and our interdependence as creatures.

6)   Fish/hike/bike/play sports– God created us with a desire and ability to move and play, and then placed us in a creation that prompts enjoyment.  So get out there and enjoy.

7)   Rest– We think rest is synonymous with inaction, but at its best, rest is something we do actively.  God didn’t rest on the seventh day to crash and recuperate from a busy week, but to celebrate God’s creative labors.  Be active and intentional about taking time to just rest and celebrate the goodness of the life God has you in.  Take Sabbath.

8)   Go to church– You can worship God anywhere and through any of the above-mentioned activities.  But faith necessarily happens in community… with people who share our wonderings and challenge us in our growing. From worship (Thursdays outside and Sundays inside) to garden gatherings, there are lots of ways to get involved this summer!

If we let it, summertime can train us how to live out our faith the rest of the year.  Let’s stay active in our faith together by doing even ordinary summer activities with an openness to seeing how they relate to our faith.