Memory Garden

Located in the courtyard between the Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall, the West Des Moines Christian Church Memory Garden is a beautiful, tranquil space for meditation and prayer.  It is a sacred space for honoring the lives of loved ones and for memorializing those who have died.


Memorial marker

A Memorial Marker is a limestone marker under which one (or two) deceased’s cremated remains (cremains) may be sprinkled or placed. Each limestone marker is 18 inches x 18 inches, with space enough to engrave one or two names.  The cost of a Memorial Marker is $900, which includes the engraving of one name.  The price to engrave a second name is $400.


memory brick

A Memory Brick is an 8-inch x 4-inch clay paving brick used to honor or memorialize a loved one and/or friend.  We are only able to engrave one name per Memory Brick.  The cost of a Memory Brick is $130, which includes engraving.

elegibility & Further information

*Current and former members of West Des Moines Christian Church and their immediate families are eligible to purchase Memorial Markers and Memory Bricks.  Memorial contributions to the Memory Garden Fund can be made at any time to honor a loved one.

For more information or to make an appointment with a Memory Garden Trustee, please contact the church office at (515) 223-1639. 

Memory Garden Board of Trustees
Diane Coop | Bonnie McElroy | Ron Townsend