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Marriage is a solemn, happy occasion when love and loyalty between two people is sealed in a ceremony of dedication in the presence of God, family and friends. To meet your own hopes and desires in marriage, your wedding should be dignified, personal and also religious. West Des Moines Christian Church is available to you for such a wedding.*

* We only offer weddings for non-church members once a month.
Please contact the churh office for availability.

Counseling and Conference with the Minister
The minister and couple to be wed will arrange a counseling conference before the wedding. This conference provides the bride and groom with information about the meaning of marriage and suggests standards and values for living together as a family. The minister reserves the right to refuse to marry persons if, in conference, there is a misunderstanding of the sacred obligations of marriage. The minister will marry persons who have been divorced provided there are reasonable assurances of earnest commitment to the new marriage.

Your Wedding Vows & Date
The wedding statement and vows are prepared by the minister. Couples may work with the minister to prepare personal vows. Please schedule your wedding at the church as far in advance as possible. Saturday weddings are scheduled to begin no later than 7 p.m. If there is a reception at the church, the wedding shall begin no later than 3 p.m.

The Wedding Hostess
The Wedding Hostess is available for personal visits and/or phone calls concerning the wedding ceremony itself. The Hostess will be present at the time of rehearsal and during the wedding to assist the wedding party and the minister. The bride may wish to contact the Wedding Hostess shortly after the conference with the minister.

The Wedding Rehearsal
The rehearsal provides an opportunity to become familiar with the order of worship and physical arrangements of the church. Participants at the rehearsal include the bride and groom, all attendants, parents of the bride and groom, ushers and acolytes.

Musicians need not practice during the rehearsal, but may do so more advantageously before or after the rehearsal and at other scheduled times. The church organist will not be present at the rehearsal unless musicians wish to rehearse before or after the rehearsal. The rehearsal lasts 45-60 minutes. All participants are encouraged to arrive on time so the rehearsal can begin on schedule.

The Wedding Reception
The bride will furnish reception table attendants. Receptions are served under the direction of the church's Reception Hostess. The bride will contact the Reception Hostess to make arrangements as soon as the weddin and/or reception is scheduled. Call the West Des Moines Christian Church office for fees.

Music At Your Wedding
Wedding music may include use of vocal solos and instrumental music employing string or wind instruments. The couple will consult with the minister and/or pianist in selection of appropriate music. The church will provide names of soloists, if you wish. Soloists set their own fees and are not included in the fees paid to the church.

Wedding Fees
Wedding fees cover expenses incurred for the minister, organist (does not include rehearsal), sound and/or audio/visual, wedding hostess, custodial and utility services. Call church office for fees.

Church Rules
1. Smoking is not permitted in the church.
2. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on church property.
3. Throwing of rice, birdseed, confetti, popcorn or similar materials is prohibited on the premises. This includes the church building, parking lot and driveway.
4. Flash photographs are not to be taken while the ceremony is in progress.
Please ask your photographer and guests to observe this standard.
5. Decorations are limited to pew bows attached with ribbons, unity candle arrangements, floral arrangements and candelabra arrangements or bows. Consult with the wedding hostess if you wish to use any other type of decoration.
6. All types of Adhesive tape is prohibited!

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